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Rapper Kid Cudi stirred up some mess when he was on late night show “Arsenio” two months ago. The “Erase Me” rhymer told Arsenio Hall that he felt all of the songs and verses glorifying money, cars, clothes, and women is holding back the culture. While many agreed with Cudi’s sentiment, one rapper in particular had an opposing view. Meek Mill recently gave a radio interview where he said rappers shouldn’t be told what to rap or not rap about.

When Meek Mill spoke to NYC’s The Breakfast Club, he talked about there being a war on street rap in the industry. He said street rap is dying out and there are only a few rappers keeping it alive like Lil Boosie and Jay Z.


The game be like trying to bounce the street rappers out. It’s like bad right now. It’s kinda coming back. Boosie just came home. Hov just jumped on a real street record. Meek Mill back in effect. About to come with this new, second album…I come from DMX, Jay Z, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Nas, all that era right there…I seen Kid Cudi say ‘Yeah, they rap about money, cars, and hoes, and all this stuff.’ And I’m like ‘Bro, we don’t tell y’all what to rap about.’ If he choose to rap about sniffing coke I ain’t gonna say nothing about him rapping about that. J. Cole wanna rap about college. I might wanna hear the experience of college. I never been to college. You know what I’m saying? Rap is rap, man. It’s about how you putting them words together. How you making them flows sound on that beat. And how you making good music. You can’t say Tupac your favorite rapper if you ain’t trying to hear nobody talk about the streets,” the Philly native said.

It’s hard not to agree with Meek on some level here. While Kid Cudi is right that there needs to be a little more diversity in the subject matter in rap. However, we can’t tell someone how to express themselves or what to talk about on their artistic works. You can choose to support or not, but telling artists what they should be making music about is just a tad oppressive.

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