Where is DJ Khaled from? DJ Khaled is from New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was born Khaled Khaled on November 26, 1975. The Palestinian-American hip-hop star’s NO hometown may surprise some fans, as he’s closely associated with Miami, and indeed, he made his name in Florida radio, spinning discs for Power 96.5. He’s also a producer and rapper and label boss, and he’s released seven studio albums, the first of which, “Listennn… The Album,” dropped in 2006. That LP reached No. 12 on the Billboard 200, and most of his follow-ups have fared better. His most recent effort, “Suffering From Success,” hit No. 7, thanks in part to a cavalcade of special guests that included Rick Ross, Future, Diddy, and Big Sean.

The question of where DJ Khaled is from may soon be on a lot more people’s lips, as the Miami-based multi-talent is getting ready to drop his eighth studio effort, “I Changed a Lot.” The first single from the disc, “They Don’t Love You No More,” features Jay Z, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and French Montana, so as always, DJ Khaled is taking advantage of his Rolodex of famous friends. When he arrived on the scene, he was known as the DJ for Terror Squad, and thanks to his connections with Fat Joe and that crew, he was able to land cameos from Beanie Sigel, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, and tons of other big-name artists on his debut.

Given the number of super famous artists he’s collaborated with, the question is not where DJ Khaled is from, but rather where he’s going. His highest-charting single, “I’m the One,” peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, and even though it featured guest verses from Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross, the sales weren’t completely the result of those dudes. DJ Khaled is an artist that does his hometown of New Orleans — and his adopted hometown of Miami — proud.

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