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Uh oh! According to TMZ, El Paso cops are investigating a breach in jailhouse security. They want to know how in the world Wiz Khalifa managed to sneak a selfie while he was in lockup. Let’s be honest…it’s not just the coppers who want to know this information! A whole lot of people have been asking this question since it happened!

As we previously reported, Khalifa was busted early Sunday at an airport security checkpoint for trying to carry weed on a plane.  He was hauled off to jail where he took a selfie and tweeted it out.


TMZ reports that police brass have launched an investigation into the pic because inmates are NOT allowed to take pics in the jail with their phones.  Cops want to know if one of the jailers was a Khalifa fan and facilitated the pic. But judging by the position of his left arm in the pic…it looks to us like he took it himself! (Yes we think this because we take too many selfies around here…don’t judge us!) We hope this won’t cause Wiz any future issues with the Texas cops. Guess we’ll stand by until they announce what they find!



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