Has Mac Miller ever been arrested? Yes, Mac Miller has been arrested at least once, as he explained in an interview with Complex, and he even spent the night in jail. The incident took place in February 2011, when Miller was arrested for marijuana possession in Upstate New York. He was on tour at the time, and police busted him at his hotel, where the rapper and his entourage had weed and alcohol spread out all over their room. Given that he was in the middle of nowhere, his hard-partying behavior was particularly problematic, as the local authorities weren’t exactly in the mood to let him off the hook.

“Well, we had to spend one night in jail,” Miller told Complex. “When you are touring that’s the other thing to be conscious about, some places don’t have tolerance for that. Like you get caught in Cali with weed they are gonna be okay.”

Around the time of the Upstate New York bust, fans wondering if Mac Miller has ever been arrested might not have found the answer by searching online, as Miller managed to keep the whole thing under wraps. “This is the first time I’ve ever talked about it, but we are lucky that s— didn’t get out while the case was still going on and s—,” he told Complex. “Luckily I got out in time to make it to my next show in Canada.”

So yeah, Mac Miller has been arrested, but he settled the case, and it’s hardly tainted his career. In 2011, the year he was busted for marijuana possession, he released “Blue Slide Park,” his full-length debut. The record hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and two years later, he returned with “Watching Movies With the Sound Off,” which climbed to No. 3. In January 2014, he told MTV he’s got “four albums finished,” and that’s presumably not counting “Pink Slime,” the EP he and Pharrell have been promising for some time.

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