Rapper Pharoahe Monch has displayed his singing skills on songs like “The Light” and “So Good,” but he has managed to take his vocals into a new chamber on the emotional, “Broken Again,” from his latest album, “P.T.S.D: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

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“With ‘Broken Again’ I kind of went back to a song that didn’t make any of my albums called ‘Broken Heart.’ Me and Denaun Porter just put it out on Youtube and it got a huge response,” Monch says of the record’s origins. “When you think about past relationships you check to see if you’re over the situation. I looked at it like the movie ‘Dead Presidents’ and I came back [from war] and what if the people that were there for you when you left are not there for you when you come back. That’s what ‘Broken Again’ is about. Here we go again with the sh*t that doesn’t work. This relationship sh*t. I tried to write it from that perspective. Obviously the story is metaphoric through drug use. The girl became an addiction.”

Monch teamed up with writer-director aaronisnotcool for the video and dancer Desiree Godsell appears as Monch’s enigmatic muse. Watch the video for “Broken Again” below.


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