G-g-g-g-g-g-g-Gee, who forgot to invite The Game to the G-Unit reunion that took place at Summer Jam this past Sunday?


Former G-Unit member, The Game has been hoping for a G-Unit reunion for quite some time and despite all of the foul comments 50 Cent once made in regards to his former peers. So imagine how surprised The Game was to see the group rekindle their partnership, let alone put out a new track together.

Ouch, but no harm done to the Cali native as he took to Instagram with a picture captioned “Aye, I put my group back together too!!!”

Members of the re-united G-Unit camp have yet to respond to their exiled peer, but it seems as if The Game isn’t the only one throwing shade at G-Unit.

Check out what Ja Rule had to say about G-Unit dissing him here.


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