Wow! So according to Hip Hop Wired, Chuck D is fighting the power as it pertains to New York City radio station Hot 97! The legendary rapper reportedly lunged for the throat of the radio station after they wrapped up this years Summer Jam 2014.

It all apparently jumped off when Chuck tweeted about this years Summer Jam festivities. It turned into something that focuses on a greater problem within Hip Hop that everyone talks about…just not publically.

When Hot 97’s Ebro Darden minimized what Chuck D was saying it came off as cavalier. This is actually understandable as his station and leadership were definitely under attack. However, if the proper homage was paid to Hip Hop legends….then maybe this wouldn’t have been such a severe slap to him or his credibility as it pertains to Hip Hop at large.

When frustrated legends want a  change and are treated with a shut the hell up type attitude, it calls into question what is really going on in the Hip Hop culture right now. Stevie Wonder can rant as much as he wants to about the state of RNB or Soul music because he was a major part of creating that…bet money no one would tell him to shut up or insinuate that he was only speaking up because he had an agenda or was bored. An action like that would be called out for what it is…. disrespectful. No one would stand around and tolerate that. They would jump to defend the legend…as they should.

Hip Hop is the only industry in which you are expected to sit down and shut up once you celebrate your 30th birthday! How is that even possible? The same people being told their opinions are not “relevant” are the same ones who struggled to make sure there was a Hip Hop culture and music to listen to in the first place! So, they have definitely earned the right to rant and rave and say anything under the sun about what they don’t like regarding the artform they created, fostered and passed down.

We know of Ebro Darden’s background and the good he’s done previously for his Hip Hop community. We don’t believe that he’s a bad guy or even that he means to come off as arrogant or condescending. We truly think that he believes he’s doing everything he can to support. As grandmothers everywhere used to say…”a hit dog is gonna holler.”  He feels attacked…A LOT OF THE TIME…so he barks. Understandable.

We know that he comprehends better than most how to play this game…so we hope that at some point he will be willing to play it…but fairly..and honestly as that is the only way that everyone in the situation can win.

As for Chuck D…he simply did what he has always done. He spoke his truth to power and didn’t care if the people in power liked it or not. Isn’t that what an entire generation of people have been hanging on to his every word for? Exactly.





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