New Balance has gone out and filed a lawsuit against famed designer Karl Lagerfeld, siting the designer copied New Balance’s logo for his own designer sneaker.

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According to papers obtained by TMZ, the “K” logo on the Karl Lagerfeld sneaker  is too similar to the “N” found on New Balance sneakers. New Claims says the similar logos between the two brands on their sneakers may create some confusion amongst customers. They also point out the sneaker company has used the same “N” logo since the 1970’s.  Lagerfeld’s “K” on his design also has a striking resemblance on the placement of the logo and using the same angles used by New Balance.

Before the lawsuit was filed, New Balance sneaker aficionado and bloggers already noticed the similarities between both sneakers. The only difference between the sneakers are the price tags. Karl’s Lagerfeld‘s are currently going for $360 while the sneaker its mimics the New Balance 410 sneakers cost around $100.

Can you spot the similarities in both sneakers?







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