Reggae/pop artist Sean Kingston has landed in some hot water. The “Take You There” singer is being accused of orchestrating a robbery of a club promoter over money.  Apparently, Kingston was arguing with the promoter because Sean Kingston was owed the balance of his appearance fee.

According to reports, Sean Kingston signed a contract to host and perform at the Los Angeles hot spot Avalon. He was slated to host the the event with actress Carmen Electra and The Jazmin Sisters. After signing the contract, Kingston was paid half of the $11,000 fee up front. Things began to go left before Sean Kingston even arrived to the event because the promoter was upset the pop star didn’t promote the event more via his social media accounts.



On top of not promoting the event socially, Sean Kingston is said to have arrived three hours late with an entourage of four to five people demanding the rest of his money. When the club promoter flat out refused to pay Kingston the rest of his appearance fee, it alleged he ordered his entourage to pin the club promoter to wall while they relieved the promoter of his watch, iPhone, and a few thousand dollars cash.

The police were called to the scene. However, no one was arrested. Police have remained quiet about the situation, but have confirmed the unnamed victim told them Sean  Kingston ordered the attack because of money. According to the police, Kingston is not listed as a suspect in the report. Also, Kingston’s bodyguards are named as witnesses and they say they had no part in the incident. The club promoter’s watch and phone were later found on the club’s grounds but the few thousand dollars in cash were gone.

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