Release Date: 5/31/2014

Price: $200

The Nike SB Air Jordan 1 is one of the two colorways designed by ’80s skate legend Lance Mountain. The black pair comes in a red, black and royal color representing the two different pair of sneakers Lance wore while skateboarding back in the ’80s.

This will be the second 2014 collaboration between Jordan Brand and Nike SB, the first release being a design done by  Craig Stecyk back in February. With the anticipation of the sneaker only a day away from being released, it’s going to be a difficult task getting your hands on pair when sneaker heads, collectors and skaters hit Nike’s online store at 8am. The good news for all sides is everyone will have a chance to grab a pair in both colorways as Nike has announce the release will not only be a Twitter link only release.

What this means for everyone hunting for the sneaker is, the task will be as simple as looking for the sneaker on at 8am and no stalking Nike’s Twitter account for a link. A limited release look for these to be released at selected Nike SB accounts.

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