The first game of the NBA Finals took place Thursday night with the San Antonio Spurs taking it over the Heat with 110-95. It wasn’t without controversy, though, with the Heat’s star player LeBron James missing the last four minutes of the game due to leg cramps which he said was caused by the AT&T Center’s air conditioning malfunctioning.

During the game ABC reporter Doris Burke reported the arena reaching temperatures in the high 90s. During game play LeBron requested to be removed from the game due to hydration and cramping problems until he was removed for good with 3:59 left with the Heat down 94-92. Halfway into the third quarter LeBron ask out the game which seemed a little unusual as head coach Erik Spoelstra would normally pull LeBron at the end of the third quarter.  Once on the bench both LeBron and Chris Bosh both placed ice packs on the back of their necks.

The P.A. announcer had some fun with the A/C malfunction, during timeouts and breaks playing Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” would blare from the speakers.

Once back in the game with a tight and intense fourth quarter LeBron again asked out of the game with 7:31 to play in the game with the Heat leading 86-84. With LeBron out the game the Spur went on a 10-4 run before LeBron returned  with team trailing by four. Once back in the game James had the first possession were he immediately drove to basket scoring on a lay-up but then his cramps returned and he  had to be helped off the floor. After a quick break LeBron returned with 3:53 left in the third. When LeBron left the game the Spurs went on a run out scoring the Heat 16 to 3 in the first game of the NBA finals rematch.

Once off the floor for good Twitter and Instagram began rolling out the jokes about LeBron’s cramps, first bringing up Lance Stephenson’s ear blowing to keep James cool.  Then the meme’s started to roll out and Instagram showed no mercy for the four-time MVP. Take a look.

LeBron Cramp Memes
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