Last year actress Krissy Chula posted one of the BEST reaction videos to “The Red Wedding” episode of HBO’s popular series “Game Of Thrones” that we had to check and see if she had something for last week’s shocking fight between The Red Viper and The Mountain.

In the literally jaw-dropping episode Oberyn Martell takes on the Mountain and presses him on taking the life of his sister and her children. The gruesome ending sent millions of fans to seek therapy–again. Krissy is in flat out denial.

“I don’t understand why we automatically assume that he’s dead. I don’t think that he’s dead,” she says in the clip. “Like, I think ‘Oh, so his head exploded so he’s dead?’ That’s a bit presumptuous. What exactly is dead? Who is defining that these days?”

Watch her full-on fit in the video below:

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