How much is Trinidad James worth? Trinidad James is worth $3 million, according to, and if that number is accurate, it’s an impressive sum for a rapper who’s yet to release a proper full-length album. Trinidad James was born Nicholas Williams on September 23, 1987, in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and he led a life of intrigue long before he got his start in hip-hop. As a young buck, he fell and hit his head, as he told Complex, and consequently, he remembers very little of his early childhood. He eventually moved with his family to North America, stopping in Canada, New York, and Florida on the way to Atlanta, where Trinidad James mostly grew up. Trinidad James’ net worth derives from his two mixtapes — “Don’t Be S.A.F.E” and “10 PC Mild” — and from the deal he signed December 2012. According to reports, Trinidad James signed a contract worth $2 million that involved bringing his Gold Gang Records label over to Def Jam.

Trinidad James’ net worth of $3 million seems about right, given the Def Jam deal, and it seems destined to climb — so long as the MC and CEO doesn’t drop it all on jewelry. To date, Trinidad James has released two notable singles, the first of which, 2012’s “All Gold Everything,” reached No. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the video, Trinidad James and his crew can be seen rocking all sorts of fancy chains, rings, and watches, and while he’s certainly well within his rights to sport such items — dude is, after all, a millionaire — he might want to show a bit of restraint. Or not — this is hip-hop, after all.

How much is Trinidad James worth compared to other famous rappers? His $3 million net worth won’t land him on any lists of the world’s richest rappers, but considering he’s new to the music world, it’s pretty impressive. And with Def Jam’s backing, Trinidad James is probably only going to get richer.

“Def Jam prides itself as both a cornerstone of hip-hop’s rich tradition, and as a vital, forward-thinking label dedicated to breaking and nurturing emerging artists,” the label’s president, Joie Manda, told MTV around the time of the signing. “Trinidad James represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today. We are thrilled to have him at the label, and look forward to growing his already massive buzz.”

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