Where is Busta Rhymes from? Busta Rhymes is from Brooklyn, New York, where he was Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr. on May 20, 1972. Specifically, Busta Rhymes was born in the East Flatbush neighborhood, though he moved in ’83 to Long Island, where he went to high school with fellow hip-hop enthusiasts and aspiring rappers Monitor Milo, Charlie Brown, and Dinco D. The four formed Leaders of the New School in 1990 and quickly landed a deal with Elektra. The group released two studio albums — “Future Without a Past…” and “T.I.M.E.” — before calling it quits in 1994, paving the way for Busta to embark on a successful solo career that has thus far yielded nine studio albums. His tenth, “E.L.E. 2 (Extinction Level Event 2),” is due out July 4 on Cash Money.

The question of where Busta Rhymes is from is one rap fans likely began asking circa 1992, when he guested on A Tribe Called Quest’s hit “Scenario.” The song was a major MTV hit, and it put Busta on the mainstream radar in a way he’d never been before. People might have also wondered about Busta Rhymes’ hometown because of his unique voice. He’s of Jamaican descent, and his rapid flow reveals the influence of dancehall reggae. Busta Rhymes dropped his solo debut, “The Coming,” in 1996, and thanks to singles like “Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check,” it reached No. 6 on the Billboard 200, establishing Busta as a bona fide rap giant. His follow-up, “When Disaster Strikes…,” fared even better, climbing to No. 3, and in 2006, he nabbed his first No. 1 album, topping the Billboard tally with “The Big Bang.”

Indeed, the East Flatbush, Brooklyn, native has come a long way, and as he preps his Cash Money debut, Busta Rhymes remains one of the biggest names in the rap game. His longevity is down to his larger-than-life personality and truly unique rhyming style, and at 42 years old, he seems poised for many more years of success.

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