According to TMZ , the trucker who caused the fatal car crash that left Tracy Morgan in critical condition says he was not high on drugs or drunk when he slammed into the SUV … and believes he’s being skewered because a celeb was hurt in the accident.

A twitter account which appears to belong to Walmart trucker Kevin Roper was basically saying that he was being railroaded “because a famous person was involved.”

TMZ reports that the Twitter account was very active early Tuesday morning … with a remorseful Roper allegedly saying,

“I wish it was me and I can’t express how horrible I feel. I was never charged at the scene of the accident because once again i was not guilty of any crime. Not until all the TV cameras came. So yes i am now most likely f****d because i had an unfortunate ACCIDENT with the wrong car that night.”

Mr. Roper…if this is true, we understand the need to clear your name…however, we somehow think doing this on Twitter while these men are still laying in ICU beds and a family is in the middle of planning a funeral… is about the worst idea of any that you may have had over the last few days. In other words…lay low for a while and get your ducks in a row. You’re going to need to.



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