The entertainment industry is truly a small world. Everybody  has had some sort of interaction with each other in the business. Some of those ties are personal, but most of them are professional. Singer turned reality star Lil Mo took to social media platform Instagram to reveal she was once the stepmother of one of the most notorious star’s of the hit MTV show “Catfish.”

You remember that episode of “Catfish” where a young woman named Lucille was scammed out of thousands of dollars by a guy named Kidd Cole? Kidd Cole claimed he was a producer working with Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music and scammed security teams, luxury limo companies, and studios out of money to live a lavish lifestyle he would have IF he was actually a famous and successful music producer. Everyone realized the jig was up when he and his sound engineer asked the show’s host Nev Schulman to get in the booth and drop a verse. The issue was neither Kidd Cole or his producer could find the button to allow them to hear what Nev was saying in the booth.


Well, come to find out Lil Mo was once married to Kidd Cole’s father and has two children with Cole’s dad. She says we shouldn’t be too hard on him because of the messed up life he had due to his father. On Instagram, the R&B diva posted, “Big shoutout to MY “estranged” SON!! @colepushaz! i cannot sit here and LOL and point fingers at a young man that has the SAME FATHER as my daughters heaven and Godiss love. i saw the MTV special “Catfish” and my heart was saddened.  i laughed at first because i was like “heaven ya brother on TV”. BUT the fact is, i literally saw this YOUNG MAN raise HIMSELF!! his grandmother helped. but he wasn’t her.”

While Lil Mo was asking for a little sympathy and compassion for Kidd Cole, her followers weren’t having it. Ione fan responded to her post and wondered if Lil Mo was going to defend his actions, why she hasn’t ponied up the tens of thousands of dollars Kidd Cole owes to various people. Lil Mo went radio silent on that one.

What do you think? Should Lil Mo pay for Kidd Cole’s mistakes?

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