File this one under WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! Now…we know some people like to kiss their dogs in the mouth like Magda on the movie There’s Something About Mary...but there is a line people! Actually, we thought  that character on There’s Something About Mary was where the line lived and breathed, but on no…TMZ just showed us differently!

The video below has disturbed us since we saw it…we thought this was going too far as it pertained to loving animals!




However, we’ve found a man that has taken it even further than this! Take a look at this “swamp tour guide”  Lance LaCrosse  in the video below for example! He apparently thinks it’s perfectly fine to swim in the swamp with alligators and then feed the gators from his mouth! No…we’re not joking…cause it ain’t funny! Take a peek!



Another classic example of how sometimes lessons aren’t learned until it’s too late or in other words…this guy is a case of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” just waiting to happen! Apparently, this is illegal in Jefferson Parrish , Louisiana where it was filmed and wildlife agents are now reviewing the video to determine if LaCrosse should face charges. We aren’t sure about charges…but he should face a life coach if nothing else! Yikes!




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