Where is Morris Chestnut from? Morris Chestnut is from Cerritos, California, where he was born on January 1, 1969. The acclaimed actor is known for his work in such films as “Boyz n the Hood,” “The Best Man,” and “The Best Man Holiday,” and while he may seem like a natural movie star, this California native originally had designs on a career on sports. Chestnut played running back on the football team at Richard Gahr High School, where he graduated in 1986, and while he’d been hoping for a football scholarship that might lead to an NFL contract, according to TV Guide, it didn’t pan out. Instead, Chestnut attended Long Beach City College and the California State University, Northridge, where he studied drama. In 1991, Morris made his film debut with “Boys n the Hood,” playing Ricky Baker, the half-brother of rapper Ice Cube’s character. The film was a major success, and with that, Morris Chestnut was off and running — not down a football field, but toward a notable film and TV career that’s still going strong.

Movie fans likely first began asking about Morris Chestnut’s hometown in the early ’90s, after the success of “Boys n the Hood” made him an in-demand actor. In the years immediately following that film’s release, he appeared in “The Last Boy Scout,” “Under Siege 2,” “The Ernest Green Story,” and “G.I. Jane,” among many others. In 1992, he landed a role on the Patti LaBalle sitcom “Out All Night,” and in 1999, Chestnut earned an NAACP Image Award nomination for his work in “The Best Man.” Morris Chestnut stayed busy during the decade that followed, grabbing parts in such films as “Like Mike,” “The Brothers,” and “Two Can Play at That Game.” More recently, he’s portrayed Dr. Prentiss on the series “Nurse Jackie.”

As with many Hollywood movers and shakers, the question isn’t where Morris Chestnut is from, but rather where he’s headed. Given his diverse filmography and widespread appeal — particularly among female moviegoers — this native of Cerritos, California, seems poised for even bigger things.

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