When R&B singer Monica released her song “Anything (To Find You)” at the tail end of 2011, an old beef was brought back to the surface. Originally, the song featured verses from Rick Ross and Lil Kim. However, when the song was officially released, Lil Kim was taken off. Many attributed it to the fact “Anything” sampled Biggie‘s hit “Who Shot Ya” and his mother Voletta Wallace wouldn’t give her permission to use the sample unless Lil Kim was removed. Plenty of fans knew Ms. Wallace was feuding with the Brooklyn rapstress, but the reason why was elusive. Finally,  we’re learning the origin of the beef.

A video recently posted on VladTV shows Ms. Wallace in a 2005 interview with discussing the reason she and Lil Kim had a falling out. Apparently, after the death and funeral of The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Kim and Ms. Wallace were very close. However, things hit a sour note when Lil Kim continued to do interviews proclaiming Biggie was everything to her and Ms. Wallace felt she was just using his name to stay relevant.


“After my son’s death, believe it or not, Lil’ Kim and I were close. But I guess she doesn’t—I’m a woman who speaks my mind,” Voletta Wallace explains in the 2005 interview. “Sometimes you say things, the truth hurts, and you take it the wrong way. I did not like the way she was [parading around] national television and radio about Biggie, the love of her life. Her heart, her nose, her mouth, her butt, every part of her. Christopher is not here to defend himself. I was offended. I was offended and I let her know. She didn’t like it and I don’t give a hoot.”

Not only did Ms. Wallace discuss Lil Kim, but talked about where the whole Junior M.A.F.I.A. would be if Biggie had never been gunned down in Los Angeles on  March 9, 1997. “If Christopher was here today I know Kim wouldn’t be in jail. Lil’ Cease wouldn’t be on national radio yapping his mouth. They’d be taking care of their business, making beautiful music. But, hey, let’s not complain about spilled milk. It happens,” Voletta Wallace stated.

I guess we’ll never need to ask Ms. Wallace to tell us how she really feels.

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