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New York City radio audiences are speechless, as “The Voice Of New York” Angie Martinez literally just pulled off one of the most gangster moves that New York radio has ever heard of! And that is saying A LOT!

Our sources confirmed yesterday that this was going to happen but it was just a matter of when…and today Clear Channel made the announcement! Check out the Instagram post that Angela Yee of “The Breakfast Club” put up about the new addition to her Power 105 station in the post below!



Wow…It’s ladies night…must be ANGIE ON THE MIC! She is definitely running the show right now and this coup is something that no one saw coming and everyone is going to be reeling from for some time!

We don’t know exactly what went down or how Power 105.1 got the fortitude to even present Ms. Martinez with such an offer…but they did and it is what it is!

We can not even imagine what in the world is going on in the Hot 97 offices today…but we’re going to guess that whatever it is…it ain’t good! This is definitely chess not checkers…but regardless of what game it is that these stations are playing…the next move is Hot 97’s…and we can not wait to see how they respond!


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