Many Hip-Hop fans remember the ill-fated collaboration between Jay Z and R. Kelly. The duo put out an album called “Best of Both Worlds” back in 2002. However, due to Kelly being brought up on child pornography charges a short time after the album dropped, neither artist promoted it. Two years later, they came back with a second album “Unfinished Business” and scheduled a tour. Philly rapper Cassidy was one of the acts that was set to take the stage with the pair. However, things never went as planned.

R. Kelly and Jay Z’s camps got into a scuffle and all hell broke loose back stage. Thus leading to Cassidy giving some of R.Kelly’s crew guns so they felt better protected. Cassidy recently shared the story during an interview with VladTV. According to Cassidy, he had no idea Kellz’ crew was beefing with Jay Z when he lent them his guns. He let them use the guns because they were his associates of his and he wanted them to be good if they ever ran into an issue.


“I was going to Madison Square Garden. We was about to go over there and perform. It was when he was on tour with Jay Z. This was my first time—This was going to be my first time performing a song actually with R. Kelly…We never did it together. This was gonna be the first time. So, I was excited. And then it was in a big arena. That was a big situation, so I was happy,” Cassidy began. “I go in Madison Square Garden. I’m backstage…I’m in there busting it up with my homies and all that. Next thing I know I see all this commotion. I hear all this noise. I see people running and all that. I don’t know what’s going on though. I wasn’t over there. Then, you know what I’m saying, one of R Kelly’s people that I knew came in the bathroom and let me know that it was a problem out there. They was going through something. I ain’t know it was with Jay Z. I ain’t know who it was with.”

The “I’m A Hustla” rapper said the reason he had the firearms on him is because he was a reckless individual at the time and stayed “strapped up.”

As it turns out, the show that Cassidy is talking about in this interview was the last show R. Kelly would be apart of. Jay Z continued the tour under a different name He called it “Jay Z & Friends,” which found the rapper performing with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Busta Rhymes, and Snoop Dogg.

Check out the full story below.



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