“Satire means a lot to me-not in just the sense of I can make a joke and be funny. But even holding a mirror up to society and saying ‘Hey, look. This is what it is. This is your reflection.’ And if you’re mad at me for it, there has to be some other issues,” funny man Nick Cannon stated when we inquired about his reasons behind using whiteface to promote his album “White People Party Music.”

In case you don’t remember, Cannon posted a photo of himself in whiteface so he could promote his album in a fun way. The only problem was people didn’t think it was funny. They were more offended. Even an editor from our sister publication had something to say. She wrote a piece explaining her disdain for the promotional tool. Her piece got her an interview on “Good Morning America.” Cannon responded to HelloBeautiful’s Lifestyle Editor Danielle Young by giving her an interview he could explain his side and wound up changing her opinion.


While the young entertainment mogul was able to change the opinion of one person, there are still more than a few not pleased with his antics. He says it was all done in fun. “Ultimately, I was just doing it to have fun. I always say there’s a big difference between humor and hatred,” the comedian explained. “I believe that we’ve evolved as a people that we can call out each other’s differences and have fun with it.”

Nick Cannon’s whiteface moment proved that while we have progressed in race relations, we still have so much farther to go because people are scared of having the conversation. However, Mariah Carey‘s husband is up for the challenge, “I’ve never been the type to keep quiet about anything so if i have to be the voice to step out and say, ‘Come on lets talk about this. Let’s deal with it.’ I’m open to it.”

If you are one of those people always looking to fin something to talk about, Nick Cannon says you can just follow him because he is going to give you controversy whenever he gets the chance. “A lot of times, we got people out here searching for controversy and, you know, I’m gonna give it to you if you come looking for it my way,” he later concluded.

Check out the full interview above.

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