Today was a great day in my hip-hop world! It’s not too many people I meet or talk to that I have to compose myself before attempting to deliver content but, this was definitely one of those times.

Common, is easily one of my favorite artist in Hip-Hop period! No it’s not cause I’m from Illinois or cause I’ve lived in the Chicago-land area for over a decade. It’s because his music really speaks to people about a place that many FEEL they know but truly have no idea because they haven’t lived it.

It was SUPER HARD to not “Fan Out” while doing this interview. I wanted to tell Common about how I felt he was the best performer in the game after seeing him perform the entire “Be” Album at House of Blues Chicago where he brought his daughter out on time with the music during the intro. I wanted to tell him how I was there on the day Chicago officially gave Common his own Day in September 2007 and he rocked his set after Nora Jones and he had to get a girl off stage for cussing too much and being “unladylike”. I wanted to tell him how a tweet about how “he don’t put nobody on” sent me in a clear rage and how I wanted to take the person’s head off that said it just because he was a person speaking on Chicago and not FROM Chicago…but why waste what could be my only moment to “Stan Out” and appear extremely weird and too emotional for my own good…lol! So we talked on some real hip-hop fan ish instead!

Kingdom is the single, “Nobody’s Smiling” is the album coming this Summer and THIS, is another Cool Conversation with CamQuotes!

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