2. Speaking of obstacles, Ab-Soul went through a hard time after losing his girlfriend, singer Alori Joh. In this song, as well as several other songs, he reminisces about Joh and makes a vow to make it in the industry for the both of them.

Holy, Holy- Vic Mensa feat. Ab-Soul and The Chicago Kid

“See these the type of records make me think about Alori/It kills me insider we can’t hear her side of the story/I kept my Metro PCS with all of our text messages/As evidence that I was thinking holy matrimony/Holy moly was I incorrect, chain smoking cigarettes/My tee is wrinkled but the irony is that I’m so depressed/Ain’t no gettin’ over this, I just lost my everything/Meaning that even me breathing now is inhumane/She live through me until I die, this what love sound like/I’m her baby boy, she my rib I’m always by her side/God lend me my angel for a day or so/I’d pack up all my sins in every L I blow and let em go”


3. Ab-Soul isn’t big on regret. Perhaps he’s referencing a now tarnished friendship with a female friend that consoled him after Joh’s death or maybe another a former lover- either way, he does not bask in regret but simply wants to see to it that they’re on good terms.

Closure- Ab-Soul

“I don’t regret a second that we shared, hell no/In fact I often wish that you was here, right now, ow, ow/Cause when Lori left me you was right there/Lord knows you had the right care/I wonder if you still praying to the East/I wonder if you ever forgave me.”


4. At age 10, Ab-Soul was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a life-threatening skin condition which the outer layer of skin separates from the inner layer of skin due to cell death.

Book of Soul- Ab-Soul

“I came into this hurtful Earth in perfect health/Caught Stevens-Johnson syndrome when I was was ten years old/Internal and external favor, 80%, Fatality rate at the time, ain’t that some sh*t/Severe pink eye, my eyes swollen shut/For like two or three months, it’s still bright as f*ck/And I even lost my lip skin/Grew back darker than its regional pigment/Skin disfigured from boils and blisters/Unidentifiable by my little sister/Come to think of it, I could’ve got a crazy check/The shrink thought I’d be traumatized, but I’m alright.”

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