5. Ab-Soul had dreams of being an NBA player. Soul has mentioned this on other songs but this time, redefines his destiny by saying what he does not want to be remembered as.

Terrorist Threats- Ab-Soul feat. Jhene Aiko and Danny Brown

“To creep through the back door, the typical black boy in the good old USA/Before I pushed rhymes like weight, I used to wanna play for the NBA/F*ck I’m doing talking ’bout pineal glands/Ancient ways of Sumerians, ain’t nothing wrong with a righteous man/This why I had to write this man, for my n*ggas on the corner/Selling water to somebody’s daughter, fluctuating prices man/I ain’t got no gavel, I ain’t tryna fight nobody’s battle/I just wanna be free, I ain’t tryna be nobody’s chattel.”


 6. He is the most underrated artist signed to TDE. After comparing himself to Jay Rock, Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q, he comes to the conclusion that people aren’t interested in his metaphors.

Top Dawg Under Dawg- Ab-Soul

“Go back to what’s happening/Jay Rock finna drop and walk you all around Watts/Kendrick keep getting chased by cameramen/And for the first time, you’ve seen a Hoover Crip on the charts/As for me, I’m still an amateur/Venting, looking for the right Canon/To capture your attention, I need honorable mention/Most of all I need to exist in the fourth dimension/But n*ggas say I sing better than I rap/Who gives a crap about all them damn metaphors and diction?/Took a step back to reevaluate my steez/Went to friend zone alone and wrote a gang of trees/Labels calling for everybody except for me/Like I ain’t got the recipe, like this ain’t my destiny”


7. No one’s messing with TDE. Despite feeling as if he’s overlooked, Ab-Soul is confident that he is surrounded by a group of go-getters and judging by their track history, he’s definitely right.

Track Two- Ab-Soul

“When I roll through the city it give me a rush/Yeah I’m high off life but I’m rolling blunts/And they couldn’t wait for Soul to reappear/Click, boom. T.N.T, TDE, we in here/Mm, mm, mm! I can smell fear/From a mile away, you might as well get from round here.”

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