There are three things in life we can’t avoid… Death, Taxes, and Breaking up. is a new site that puts a comedic twist on breaking up. You might even walk away with some helpful tips to help you through your situation.

Breakups are not just limited to your spouse or significant other. You might need to breakup with your hair dresser, cellphone provider, a friend with benefits,or even yourself!

If you want an easy way to get rid of a certain someone in your life check out:

B*tch Be Gone/D*ck Be Gone Feat Shang

Maybe your situation is not that easy and needs a bit of an evaluation…

“The Evaluation”

Just don’t end up where you’re listening to Wiz Khalifa wondering why you

didn’t earn their memory…

“He Didn’t Remember Me”

If all else fails and sh*t hits the fan?!?!? Leave Nothing Unbroken!

Check out for more. 

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