With the Miami Heat losing their bid for a third straight NBA title and their star player LeBron James opting out of the final year of his contract, there are a lot of questions about what Pat Riley and the front office should do next.

So while in SOBE for the 10th Annual DJ Irie Weekend we asked Miami’s own Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell what his team should do in the off season.

“We [need] to just go ahead and get Carmelo (Anthony), add him to the fold and bring him to the beach. It’ll be a wrap,” he says echoing much of the speculation since the Knicks forward also opted out of the final year of his contract in New York. “But we need to get a little faster on the real. And younger.”

Size was another concern for the Heat who struggled in the paint against San Antonio and to a lesser degree in the conference finals against Indiana.

“With Birdman gone you’re gonna have to add a bigger guy in there,” Luke adds. ” The big guy (Chris Bosh) is playing good. I think it’s time to let him play. But we need to get faster.”

If the grand scheme to land Melo doesn’t pan out and James pulls up stakes Luke says there are plenty of options if the team is patient.

“Just wait one more year for my boy from OKC. If we don’t get Melo we’ll wait for him,” he says of Kevin Durant, who can become a free agent in 2016. ” If LeBron leaves we’ll lay low for a year and go get him then turn up again. Then everybody can hate us again.”

Will LeBron stay in Miami? Tell us in our poll!

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