When free agency started, Carmelo Anthony was the most sought after player. That is until this morning when LeBron James announced and informed the Heat through his agent that he plans to exercise the early-termination in his contract to become a free agent on July 1.

The news that LeBron went with this option shouldn’t be surprising; after the NBA Finals lost we’re sure he had a lot to think about and by opting out he puts the heat on will the Heat to improve the roster. At the moment he is the best player in the world, and he doesn’t want to repeat what happened this year in the Finals.

We put together five reasons why LeBron should opted out and look at his options.

D. Wade Is Not The Same Player

Before entering game five of the NBA finals, LeBron James told his fellow teammates to follow his lead, but the Heat ended up losing game five leaving some to wonder can LeBron carry the load for the Heat while two other superstars are currently in the line. Fans aren’t as worried about Chris Bosh as it was revealed that plays aren’t really called for the power forward but everyone is more concerned about Wade’s knees and game play. D. Wade isn’t the same player he was four years ago when  LeBron joined the Heat. Since 2011, Wade has been riddled with injuries and getting older isn’t making the situation any better. With $40 million guaranteed  to Wade for the next two seasons, it’s going to difficult for Pat Riley and the Heat to retool the team around LeBron.

The Supporting Cast

The supporting cast for the Miami Heat didn’t show, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Ray Allen and Chris Andersen had tough series against the Spurs. And one position the Heat could use an upgrade with is at the point guard position  and with the NBA Draft a few days away the Heat could get a steal in the late first round.  With everyone looking for franchise  players the Heat could pick up a player like  Shabazz Napier who stayed at UConn all fours and could be inserted into a starting lineup on day one. Mario Chalmers will also be a free agent which means he could leave the Heat and chase the money since he knows his position is at stake after his performance during the finals. The Heat as a team has to get younger if they want to reach the NBA finals for a fifth straight season.

Return Back To Cleveland

With LeBron’s wife, Savannah, making headlines by posting an image of Akon which caused a lot of commotion amongst basketball wondering if LeBron is returning back to his hometown.  And if he did it would only be right since he left Cleveland high and dry (well thats how the fans felt during his decision). With a decent  team in place and a high draft pick in tow, by adding LeBron James the Cavs become automatic title contenders in the East. With a younger supporting cast and a rising superstar in Kyrie Irving the Cavs may gave LeBron a better chance of winning a championship than the Heat do at this very moment. The Heat have no idea who will be apart of their lineup for the 2014-15 season. The Cav’s just have to work with second year man Anthony Bennett to give the Cavs force in the middle.

He Lost Again In The Finals

As we all know, LeBron promised Heat fans several championships and he delivered on his promise by giving the city back to back championships. He now has two championships but he has lost in three NBA finals, such a record in he finals could hurt his legacy as being one of the greats of all time. One thing that could weigh on James’ mind is losing this year and not making the NBA finals the next season because he’s gotten older. D. Wade has wooden knees and the Miami Heat line up is put together for the short-term and not long-term. A player like LeBron in his prime wants some guarantees in his 11th season LeBron only wants more hardware for his legacy and trophy case.

Putting Cleveland Back on the Map

LBJ put some good years in with Cleveland but he was never able to capture that title that Cleveland desperately needed. The city of Cleveland hasn’t won a championship since 1964, and that’s a very long time not to celebrate. And with client and friend Johnny Manziel currently on the Cleveland Browns both players could bring back excitement to the city of Cleveland.

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