erykah-badu-gettyBesides her music, part of the reason we love Erykah Badu so much is because she is a wild soul and will do whatever she wants. Over the weekend, Badu was walking through the streets of New York City and spotted a news correspondent in the middle of his broadcast. She decided to have a little fun with the man.

Erykah Badu pulled a super regular move and continued to walk in and out of the frame while making silly faces. Once that becomes old, Badu goes the extra step and tries to kiss the reporter. The WPIX News reporter Mario Diaz was not about being kissed by random people. In a quick defensive move, Diaz hits Badu in the chest with a mean stiff arm. The “20 Feet Tall” singer laughed it of as she walked away.


The funny thing is one of the news team realized who it was disrupting the shot. Check out the hilarious clip below.

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