Retired NBA All-Star Shaquille O’ Neal has worn many hats in his career; actor, rapper and pitchman just to name a few. Now, according to TMZ, The Diesel has added DJ to his repertoire.

Jumping on the trend of the celebrity party rocker Shaq premiered his music selection skills at a club in Vegas and his debut was lauded as a success. However, we’re not sure we believe the hype just yet.


1. There is no sound in this clip. Whoever took the time to capture this moment in HD either had their mic turned off or were sparing us the results.

2. We never see him touch the tables/CDJs.

3. When we actually do see his hands he’s messing with the touchpad on the laptop.

4. There is no crowd reaction shot at all. We have no idea what they thought of his set.

5. With all of the headphone close-ups we think this is a viral video for his Monster headphone line.

Call us crazy, but we kind of like our DJs to um…DJ!

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