As we previously reported, Stevie J tweeted out a cryptic message on Twitter eluding to the fact that he and his “Puerto Rican Princess” were no longer a couple…and now TMZ has gotten down to the bottom of the message and the situation between the two.

According to TMZ, Stevie J is over it with Joseline Hernandez because she cheated on him! Guess we now know what those Benzino comments were all about!

Stevie claims she’s hooked up with not just one but several rappers.  He claims he just found all of this out 2 days ago and that he says he had overwhelming proof … enough for him to dump her.

TMZ says they tried to reach Joseline to get her side of the story but no one seems to know where she is.

Hmmmm….isn’t this sort of convenient though? Shouldn’t they have just celebrated their 1 year anniversary the other day? Because depending on who is telling the story they got “married” on June 29th of last year…right?

And now that we think about it…isn’t it just a little odd that they break up just as people are beginning to doubt the validity of their relationship in the first place. We keep hearing about how everything about their “marriage” is fake…so it sort of seems as though breaking them up might be the move to make if questions surrounding their relationship being legit in the first place don’t seem to go away.

Plus with all the very real legal trouble that Stevie is in…you may seem him exiting the show anyway….so yeah…we have questions!

And we can’t wait for Joseline to surface…because this explanation has got to be good!



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