We aren’t quite sure what happened with B Brown during the New Edition concert in Mississippi last week but according to TMZ,  something made him go from keeping step with his boys N.E. to stopping and eventually leaving the stage!

Anyone who has ever paid attention to New Edition knows they are all about synchronized dance steps throughout every single performance. So, unlike others we don’t think this was because Brown was “out of shape”, we think something else must have come into play. Like maybe he wasn’t feeling well or heck maybe he had to use the bathroom! We don’t know but there’s no way he would have been included on the tour if he couldn’t get through the dancing portion. New Edition is not sloppy…never have been and we’re willing to bet they never will be!

Watch the video closely, Bobby starts off OK … but then skips a move altogether. Then another. Then he just flat out stops, doubles over, and eventually walks off.



Well whatever the reason was, we hope he’s okay now! There are still tons of people all around the country waiting to see them do their thing over the next few weeks! So, hang in there B!



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