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Rapper Biggie Smalls was absolutely right when he said the more money you make, the more problems you are going to encounter. Big’s friend and fellow Brooklynite Jay Z is getting a refresher course on the lesson now. Jay Z’s former sound engineer Chauncey Mahan is suing the “Oceans” rhymer for copyright ownership of six of Jay Z’s master recordings.

Mahan recently filed a lawsuit requesting judge declare he is just as much an owner of six of Jay Z’s albums as Roc-A-Fella Records and the artist himself. Chauncey Mahan claims he is entitled to the co-ownership because he was one of the first people to master the Pro Tools software and that software was an integral part to creating some of Roc-A-Fella’s biggest releases including Jay’s “Vol. 3…The Life and Times of S.Carter” and “The Dynasty.”


Chauncey Mahan’s name should sound a little familiar to you because we reported a few months ago that he was involved in an alleged extortion plot. Jay Z and his company Roc Nation filed a police report accusing Mahan of trying to extort them for $100,000. Jay Z and Roc Nation alleged Mahan had quite a few of Jay’s master recordings in a storage facility. A sting operation was set up and the master recordings were seized by police and they are still in police custody.

With this new lawsuit, Mahan wants to be recognized as so essential to the recording process that he’s co-owner of the recordings. Being declared as co-owner of the masters would mean Mahan has a chance to get the masters back into his possession.

The weird thing about this whole thing is Jay Z and Roc Nation have dropped their extortion compliant against Chauncey Mahan and yet he’s still suing.

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