When it comes to conducting celebrity interviews, sometimes you have to treat an artist with kid gloves because you never know what kind of mood they’re in or what could possibly set them off during your brief conversation. Well, rapper turned pastor turned rapper again Ma$e proved this when he ripped a Baltimore radio DJ a new one for asking the main thing the people wanted to know–is Ma$e a rapper or a pastor.

While enjoying his time at the BET Awards weekend, Ma$e went to the radio broadcast center for a few interviews. 92Q Jams DJ Konan opened his interview with the question and Ma$e was having it and damn near reverted back to his Murda Ma$e days. Ma$e responded to the question with some statements like:

“Actually the interview right now is about music.”

“It’s time for us as Black people to realize that we can do more than one thing.”

“I think to put someone in a box is somewhat narrow-minded.”

“I only get questions like that from the east coast like Baltimore and New York.”

“I can’t be focused on church questions with HOOD people.”

“If they want to talk about church, they have to come to church and if they want to talk about music, we’re on the air for music and nothing else.”

Ma$e’s chastising of Konan lasted four whole minutes and that can seem like an eternity in cases like this. (Speaking from experience.) Needless to say, Ma$e only wanted to talk about his upcoming album “Now We’re Even,” which is set for release on October 7th.

Head over to the 92Q Jams website to hear the audio of the intense conversation.


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