We all have complained about the TSA when we’re waiting in line trying to make a flight. Why do we have to take off our shoes? Do I really have to get in that booth and put my hands up? Yes, we do, and we realize it’s all for our protection, of course. But then we wonder who is really dumb enough to try and smuggle anything with them anyway, and we get a little miffed all over again.

It turns out this sh-t really does happen, and TSA is showing us that they really do confiscate weapons — a lot of them, actually — from people who think they are smart enough to get away with it. We’re talking grenades, switchblades, drugs — really?

According to Wired, the account is certain to change travelers’ views on the TSA. “You change it from people complaining about TSA to people saying, ‘Wow look what TSA found, I can’t believe someone would try to come through with this,’” said Bob Burns who works for the TSA. “We like to show not only that our workforce is capable of finding these things, but we’d like to educate people.”

Take a look at the madness below. Does this change your view on the TSA?


Look At What TSA Found At The Airport
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