Mike Tyson is the latest celebrity to participate in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, and it was pretty awesome. He dropped some gems, had some laughs, and was honest. Here’s eight things we learned from the champ.

In his one-man Broadway show, “Undisputed,” he revealed that he’s had a love for pigeons since he was young. But does he still own them. He sure the hell does!

I still have my Pigeons, about 2500 still. Only Pigeons though – no other birds.

His achievements might be simple to some, but it was a milestone for him.

Tyson said his biggest achievement was tostop drinking and using drugs.”

But he also became a better father.

Has he ever been beaten at his own game, i.e. “Mike Tyson Punch Out”?

I have lost to Glass Joe before.

What he REALLY thinks about Floyd Mayweather

He has beaten everyone he has fought. He is the cream of the crop. I would love to see him fight Pacquiao though.”

How he views himself as a fighter currently

I can’t beat anyone anymore.”

On growing up in New York City

You have to be dedicated, you have to have a monogamous relationship to it. You have to be dedicated to it and have to respect it. I have a fighter Erikson Lubin who displays all of these characteristics, it is his life – I tell him this all the time. He has to be married to it and dedicated to it.

On how to stay motivated

Stay dedicated.”

Above anything else, you must…

You have to be humble in life, and if you are not humble, life will make you humble.


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