Three days ago, Meek Mill decided to dive diamond chain deep in his feelings and blast fellow MC and MMG label mate Wale for not supporting his upcoming project on Twitter. According to the Dream Chaser, Mr. Folarin was hating on him and had been for quite some time behind the scenes.  It never occurred to Mr. Mill that he was sending salt over non-support in July for an album that’s due in September, or that, Wale had in fact tweeted several weeks ago on behalf of Meek’s “I Don’t Know” single. Or even the fact that, as Wale would eloquently point out in his response, Meek hadn’t supported him when he featured with Mariah Carey for her single, “You Don’t Know What To Do.” But with one push of the send button and the #UNOTMMG hashtag, Meek managed to make one of the most emotionally irrational cats this side of Kanye hold down the level-headed side of the beef. I guess when a sensitive thug doesn’t get a hug, and has access to Internet, bad things can happen.

Whatever the cause, the damage has officially been done. With all the inner-ruckus rocking the yacht nothing left to do but for Rick Ross to be a Bawse and right the ship. But how does one place punishment on millionaire players stern enough to make Commissioner Silver stand and salute? We have a few ideas. Here’s a top ten list on how Rosay should dole out a little discipline.


1) Send Gunplay In The Room To Mediate

Make sure he’s fresh off the plane from Colombia… the more it looks like his nose ate a powdered doughnut, the better.  Loser does his hair.


2) Working the grease trap at a Wing Stop

The drive through, the main register… Nah. You gotta go home smelling like lunchtime at a southern construction site in the summer.


3) Must replace Rick Ross in Triple C’s for two albums.

Those dudes been chasing dreams for a minute while making albums about nothing. Your turn!


4) Cleaning Rick Ross’s Sports Bras

By hand, in the sink, right after the workout. Your hands will smell like a lemon-peppered foot for weeks.


5) Baby-sitting Fat Trel’s Kids

And no, you can’t be armed.

6) Two hours alone in a room with DJ Khaled.

And his music must be playing in the background… all of it.


7) Two hours alone in a room with Diddy after one bottle of Ciroc

And no, you can’t have any.

8) Must Drive a Prius for three months.

No tints, no hiding. And depending on who’s pushing,“Ima Boss” or “Lotus Flower Bomb” must be on repeat.


9) Must do three singles with Ace Hood & Cassie.

Moving on…


10) Must feature On/Exec Produce The French Montana & Khloe Kardashian L.P.

You also have to be in the cover art and on the tour. Still wanna beef?!


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