When it comes to Harlem’s representatives in the Hip-Hop game, there are two main crews–The Diplomats and the more recent A$AP Mob. Since the A$AP crew broke into the music industry, they have often been compared to The Diplomats. In a recent interview with XXL, leader of The Diplomats, Jim Jones slammed any comparisons between the two crews and even went as far as to clown their fashion choices.

One of Jones’ main differences between his boys and A$AP Mob is they aren’t street. “Nah. They weren’t from the street. They’re a good group of kids and they’re artistic but they’re not from the street and their style is way different than what we do.”


The “We Fly High” rhymer went on to explain why he hasn’t been able to fully relate to the young Harlem rappers whose members include A$AP Rocky, Ferg, Yams and Twelvy. Jim Jones said, “It’s a little bit far out there for me. We got bonafide swag and the definition of get fly, ya dig? I’m not trying to disrespect them—A$AP Mob is doing it, they got their numbers and they’re doing what they like to do—but they’re nothing like the Diplomats.”

Jones began to throw shade at the A$AP Mob when he began talking about their fashion choices. “They didn’t come up hanging and banging and hustling and really touching the pavement, ya dig? It’s a big difference. We don’t wear kilts and we don’t wear tight sweatpants and funny sneakers. That’s not our style. Price point and high fashion don’t really make it cool. I’ll still go in Wal Mart and come out and ni—s will still think it’s Versace.”

What do you think about Jim Jones’ comments about A$AP Mob? Is he right?

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