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So, apparently Apollo Nida had one last thought to share with everyone before he headed down that lonely road to prison…and it was a very sad question that he was asking too!

According to Wendy Williams, Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks was not in the courtroom next to her husband’s side when he was sentenced Tuesday.

So, we wonder how much of this tweet was for all of us out in the public and how much may have been for his wife Phaedra….interesting and sad all at once.

Take a look at the tweet in question below!


He had months to prepare for that day…but it never really seemed like he was ready for what was coming toward him. Maybe he thought it wouldn’t really happen and he’d find a way around the jail portion of things. Or maybe he was flashing back to that place he had already spent 5 years of life prior to being a husband, father and TV star and just couldn’t make himself believe that he was trading the comfy life for a tiny little jail cell once again. It was all his to lose..and it seems like he may have lost it all.

Guess we’d wonder if anyone was still in our corner too.

Farewell Apollo…we’ll see ya in eight years sir.

Quick, somebody call Kenya up and tell her to put some money on his books for real…we’re sure it will be appreciated!




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