LeBron Stans and the entire state of Ohio is in an ecstasy level of rejoice right now, as LeBron James ends “The Stall” and comes back home!. I would say something about the state of Florida too but, let’s be honest, they checked out of this basketball thing that 3rd quarter of Game 4 in the Finals. There are no Miami Heat Fans; There Are Wade Fans, LeBron Stans and Smart Gamblers. That’s another topic for another day.

LeBron’s action is being reported as the move that will decide whether Melo goes to Miami or Stays in NY and if Bosh goes to Houston or stays in Miami. I think everyone’s mind is made up.

Bosh: Should take the 88 Million or more on the table and head back to his home state Texas. Miami is not going to match the deal and he will not see that much money again being that he is 30 years old now. The word was they wanted Bosh to take a significantly lower amount, even though they overpaid him 4 years ago. Bosh is better than the Miami system shows, so he would show everyone why he was becoming great in Toronto. When Bron back home, Bosh would only be staying to be option 2 on Wade’s team. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just a reality. Still say the Bulls should have went for Bosh.

Melo: Will not go to Chicago [Harsh reality for all Bulls fans such as myself]. I feel Melo could learn how to win in LA but, sounds like Melo was really waiting on Bron and if Bosh takes the Houston deal. . New York has made it clear they will max him out and Phil isn’t known for losing on any level of the game. Bosh really might be holding Melo up. Only Melo truly knows. I doubt Bosh would resign to Miami to spite Melo because currently neither one of them have offers from a team analyst are definitely picking to make it to the Finals next year.

LeBron: LeBron knows exactly what he wanted to do. When he made his decision, people cried, burned jerseys and an owner let his hate sit on a NBA affiliated website for exactly 4 years [Gilbert took that letter down with all the “Bron’s coming home” chatter]. However, times have changed. Bron’s worth more and Cleveland is in no position to not give him anything he wants. He’s the best thing in the city since Jim Brown and proving his level of greatness while Johnny Football is 50/50 till he hits the field. One thing for sure you can expect more King James and Johnny Football photo Ops in Ohio. Cleveland just came up BIG TIME on the PR side of things.

Bron knows if he goes home, Miami fans will wash that off on the beach and say oh well. I would have expected another letter from Gilbert that may even have racially charged undertones if he doesn’t come back along with the previous letter up. Sorry, just how I feel. I have no fact on any of that but, right now no one can tell me definitively it wouldn’t have happened.

The big debate now is, are the Cavs that much better with Lebron on the team vs the current Heat Roster? I got to say I don’t know. Lets not forget that an 8th seed, that was NOT The Cavs only won 38 games last season. The Cavs won 33 and were the 10th seed. Yes, they got Wiggins but he may be trade bait now. Now Ray Allen said he would bounce to Cleveland, so he’s down to take some “Kerr money” to compete. Let’s say they win an extra 20 games because of them. They still wouldn’t be better than the Team Lebron just left record wise and they opted for the 2 seed this year. Yes, the East is weak but, I’m sure Bron Bron is tired of going to the Finals and getting that “No Vaseline” treatment when the titles on the line. Yes, he’s won 2 but, he’s also taking 3 of the baddest L’s this generation of basketball fans have seen.

The basketball world now has rest and I want to know what was worse? The Decision or The Stall? Let me know something in the poll below.

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