Total Slaughter is officially a wrap and the judges say Hollow Da Don was the victor. No shock about that. If it wasn’t clear in my Pros and Cons breakdown, I knew this could literally go either way. I have my feelings and personal assessment so let’s get right to it.

ROUND 1: I felt Hollow SMASHED Joey! That was classic Hollow that showed up. The energy, the performance, the quick wit and the cleverness was firing all cylinders first round. Joe was just cool. It was a couple very bright spots but, it wasn’t enough to pull that first round out.

ROUND 2: The spirit of Mood Muzik Budden showed up! Budden came with some undeniable rap pro ish. The Joe Budden that I said needed to show up to make this a battle really did show up in Round 2. It also helps that Hollow was decent at best and ended his second round with what he said in the middle of his first.

So going into Round 3, I had it 1-1, with the 3rd round really meaning something to both emcees. In my eyes they both had to come with that ish to really get the score cards to swing their way.

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