Rapper Kendrick Lamar has been considered the King of the New crop of hip-hop artists since his breakthrough album “Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City,” but Childish Gambino doesn’t believe Kendrick deserves the crown.

Childish Gambino performed in Sydney, Australia and broke into a freestyle where he called out some of today’s favorite rappers including ScHoolboy Q, Drake, and Lamar. Gambino boastfully spit, “I’m the best rapper, definitely top 5. I cut their head off, that’s every rapper living. That’s Kendrick, that’s Drake, that’sScHoolboy, that’s everyone. I don’t give a f**k. I’ll f**king kill you ni**as.”


Once news of Gambino’s proclamation hit social media, plenty of fans threw in their two cents. One person tweeted, “Not even Top 20.” Another poked fun at Childish Gambino by Tweeting, “‘I’m better than Mickey Mouse’ -Fievel” (Fievel is the mouse in the “An American Tail” animated series.)

It looks as though none of the rappers mentioned lyrical challenge care about it because not one of them has responded or sent a subliminal shot towards the rapper/actor.

You tell us. Is Childish Gambino even in the same league as a Kendrick Lamar or does Childish Gambino need to have a stadium full of seats?

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