The rap world is on pause right now and information is being registered. The question of the day? “Is Childish Gambino really in the Top 5 of Today’s Emcees?” To take it a step further is Bino the best lyricist in the game period? That’s his claim and honestly…he has a valid argument to say this.

Some of you are now done with reading this and I understand. You don’t know who Bino is. So let’s run the list of people who either need to catch up or flat out understand that I’m not even talking to you.

If you never heard “Camp,” “Royalty” and “Because of The Internet”

If you only know “Fireflies”

If you only know Childish Gambino as Donald Glover the comedian and writer for “30 Rock”

Then your opinion is not valid on Bino because you simply “never heard of him.” This is the now “infamous freestyle” that took place in Sydney. Some strong language in the videos below. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Ok…Now lets take this moment for you all to get your “He just trying to be Kendrick” and “Control” comparisons out the way. Ok, Y’all good? Let’s go.

NOW! I have said within the last calendar year that I feel Drake would wash Kendrick in a battle and that Drake is the “Leader of The New School”…I will still stand on that. Drake is the undisputed Superstar that is the total package and is lyrically respected by any person that knows anything about hip-hop. He’s in a space right now of nothing to prove yet he’s still putting out Grade A material. You can’t deny it. However, Childish Gambino has an EXTREMELY VALID POINT!

Let’s tackle singing real quick. Off first listen alone what sounds better. “Hold On We’re Going Home” or Bino’s cover of “Die Without You” by P.M Dawn?

I like both tracks. I think Bino SMASHED that cover! End of day, I can’t dedicate too much time about how well rappers sing…So lets move forward.

Bino said he was a better Rapper than Drake, Kendrick and Q. It’s a valid claim to make that I feel on any given day he could back up easily. Right now they are the biggest stars in rap, with the biggest singles and followings of the last two years. If you’re going to make a statement, make it with a claim you can back up. People should take Bino seriously.

Let’s talk Kendrick’s control verse real quick. Kendrick said “I’m trying to murder y’all” [lyrically]. Bino said “I’m better than y’all”. There’s a big difference in that in itself. Just think about that. Once again. Kendrick’s list was based on the cats he had songs with. So that bullet about “He wasn’t mentioned on control” is out of your chamber on this one.

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