Ryan Reynold’s has not had a good run being a superhero. In 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” he played Wade Wilson, aka Weapon XL or Deadpool, a super mutant with aggregated powers. But instead of the trash talking, gun-toting maniac we’d come to love, this version didn’t speak at all and wielded two blades looking more like a knock-off Baraka from “Mortal Kombat.”

Two years later Reynolds whiffed at the plate playing a completely underwhelming Green Lantern for DC in a feature film. (We’re going to just pretend “Blade:Trinity” didn’t happen, ok?) But after seeing test footage of what is either a feature length film or a video game with Reynolds voicing Deadpool we think all should be forgiven.

Attendees at San Diego Comic Con went bat sh*t when low-res footage of a “Deadpool” project was leaked and followed up with a hi-res release. The clip starts out with our favorite mercenary perched on top of a bridge coloring with crayons and listening to “Hollerback Girl” waiting for his victims to drive by in an SUV. “Oh you’re wondering why the red suit,” he says into the camera. “That’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed.” From there he dive bombs through the moonroof quipping, “let’s hope these guys are wearing their brown pants.” Watch the full clip below…while you can.

Make this happen, Marvel!


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