Now this is how you spend a billion dollars. In early July rapper and actor Xzibit cruised Europe with Dr. Dre on a yacht. In between riding jet skis and eating Luther Burgers for breakfast, X to the Z drank lots of tequila and even hinted that the two were working on new music together.

“A storm is brewing, and I’m not speaking about this weather,” he wrote. “To my REAL fans, Thank you for sticking with me all these years. Prepare to be elevated. #art #music #movies #love #tequila.”

The two hip-hop vets were joined by their wives and some friends on the trip and Xzibit expressed his gratitude for the Young’s hospitality.

Many thanks to The Young’s, Nicole and @DrDre for allowing us to take this journey with them. I have learned many things as an artist from Dre, but there is a friendship that fuels all of this that has become stronger than any record that could be made in a studio. Nicole Young the queen of the kingdom is one of the best human beings I have met outside of@mrskristajoiner, I am blessed to have company of this magnitude at this time in my life. Now, get your mind right, don’t hate, even if you do, it’s not going to stop anything we do, I’m just trying to make it easier to swallow for you. @beatsbydre@bonitatequila#humbleisthenewcocky @hughes2society

Check out the photos in the gallery and start diversifying your bonds!

Dr. Dre’s Yacht [PHOTOS]
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