According to our sisters at, the Lifetime biopic on the late R&B singer Aaliyah is being penned by author Zane, known for her sexually charged prose and erotic spin-off films.

This is just the latest eyebrow-raising development in a project that has already seen one lead actress walk away and production delayed for one reason or another. This might be a sign that the film just shouldn’t happen right now but we’re not going to toss haterade on the situation.

However, we are trying to wrap our heads around just how Zane will deal with the source material, which includes one annulled marriage and a public relationship with a hip-hop mogul. Is this how an Aaliyah/Zane collab will turn out?

1) “Back And Forth…and Fifth”

2) “Are You That Somebody…hiding under the bed”

3) “If Your Girl Only Knew…that I gave you the clap”

4) “Age Ain’t Nothing But Some Lumber

5) “Tongue In A Million”

6) “I Don’t Wanna…Use A Safe Word”

7) “4 Page Wetter”

8) “We Need A Bed Solution”

9) “Rock The Throat”

10) “Two More Than A Woman…”

Guess we’ll wait and see…

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