Wow. Sad is really the only word that can be used to describe the tweet that Trindad James sent out pertaining to his current status with Def Jam Records. Take a look at the tweet below!

Now, we’re not going to say that we felt Trindad was the second coming of 2Pac or anything but it’s still sort of sad to us that after everyone jumped on the guy’s bandwagon and blew his head up that they would then leave him in droves. The mass exodus of “fans” and tastemakers essentially tanked a career that many never thought should have had buzz in the first place.

We know….we get that many of you are looking at your screen and thinking that he played himself when he took to a New York stage and proceeded to diss New York Hip Hop. And you are correct. However, those who blew up a subpar rapper and let him believe that he was good enough to do that in the first place hold their own blame.

This is why it’s wrong to try to big up things that everyone is laughing at. That artist doesn’t understand that they are just a novelty or a joke…so when people are done looking at or laughing at the side show attraction that the artist has become… the one time super star is left in free-fall.

As we’ve said before…Fame is the worst drug out there…and once the rush from the public adoration wears off…it can be the worst thing in the world to clean up from.



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