Popular rapper Ludacris is known for posting funny photos on his Instagram account, but one photo got him in trouble with NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Luda posted a photo collage of a few couples enjoying their time on the beach. In the picture, the women are sitting on the mens’ shoulders. However, the couple in the middle is where things went left for Pacman Jones. The middle couple finds a heavyset woman on her man’s shoulders and covering his face. The next photo is of Pacman in a neck brace. Ludacris added the hashtag #NowThatsLudicrous.


While fans got the joke, Pacman wasn’t too thrilled about the post. When he caught wind of the picture, Pacman commented on Luda’s photo, “nice post,  now when I see you I’m beat your ass … Now post that #pussy”

Ludacris later deleted Pacman’s comment, but kept the picture up. #NowThatsGangsta


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