It is fair to say the Lifetime Network‘s biopic of RNB singer Aaliyah, entitled “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B” has suffered it’s share of backlash since it was announced. It has seen complaints about everything from the accuracy of the story that they were planning to tell to the casting of the role of Aaliyah herself.

Well, according to, the announcement was just made that Canadian actress Chattrisse Dolabaille is being cast as singing/rapping/producing mogul Missy Elliott.  And as a result, there appears to be more criticism on the way.

Take a look at Chattrisse Dolabaille in the video below.

The hushed frustrations around the industry are mainly pertaining to the fact that the actress is nothing like Missy Elliott. She is much lighter, she is much smaller and she doesn’t seem to have any Hip Hop RNB background. Some feel that the biopic creators didn’t look hard enough for someone more appropriate to play Missy.

If you remember, Missy didn’t lose all of the weight until quite some time after Aaliyah passed away. So picking someone so petite seems like sort of a misrepresentation of what was going on at the time of Aaliyah’s reign in the spotlight with Elliott.

More troubling for some, is that the actress that was selected is so much lighter in complexion than is Missy. This is still a very touchy subject within the African American community and will most certainly cause more than a few waves as a result. Darker complected women of color have been increasingly feeling disrespected by film makers as of late because they are not finding themselves represented on the screen as much as they should be. In this particular case, Missy isn’t a light skinned woman.  So, to think that casting a woman who is so much lighter than she is won’t somehow send a message that women of color will internalize is sort of a fool’s paradise way of thinking.

Check out what they all actually looked like in the video below!

Fans are going to expect the biopic to be as close to the above images as is possible. But in the end, only one of two things are going to happen. Either producers will address these concerns or they won’t.

There’s no word yet from Missy on what she thinks about the actress that was picked to portray her.

Stay Tuned!



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