The citizens of Ferguson, Missouri are finding themselves caught up in a scene that can only be explained as reminiscent of the sixties tonight, as a protest that was aimed at getting justice for Mike Brown, the 18-year-old boy that was allegedly gunned down and left in the streets by local police over the weekend.

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Tensions have been far past high since the shooting occurred and everyone from citizens in the local town to the Attorney General Of The United States wants answers about what happened and what is going to be done as a result of it.

Witness accounts and police accounts differ greatly in this case. Witnesses say an unarmed Brown had his hands in the air in surrender when he was mowed down by police. However, today police gave a very different story than did the eye witnesses.

Please familiarize yourself with the story in the video from CNN below.



People in the area are updating the rest of the world on what’s going on via social media. Both Antonio French and a social media user that calls themselves @brennamuncy have been posting live pics of the events which we have posted above.

The local 11 news station gave a report about what was happening. Take a look in the video below.



The assumption that there will be “alcohol involved” and that it might make it worse is beyond troubling and is actually the sort of thinking that may have gotten us all here in the first place.

Reporter Davey D of Oakland, California where organized protests are a norm, often says that people are sometimes paid to act as provocateurs in protests in order to disrupt the citizens who are attempting to be peaceful with their demonstrations. Or sometimes lone wolves will act out on their own with no regard for the mission of those trying to demonstrate in a peaceful way.

So, jumping to conclusions by those in the media without real knowledge is not helpful to anyone.

We hope that cooler heads will prevail on all sides of this situation tonight because we surely don’t want to wake up  tomorrow to find out that there have been more deaths in this story. One boy is plenty.

The Urban Daily sends condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of Mike Brown and we are keeping the people of Ferguson, MO in our thoughts tonight.




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